Working together to improve global access to research

Overview of OSI2018


The OSI executive leadership team (the OSI “summit” group) will meet on March 13-14 at American University in Washington DC to finalize the action plans for OSI’s upcoming 2018-19 work. This action plan is built on work from the first two full-group OSI conferences (OSI2016 and OSI2017). When finalized and approved by the full OSI group, this plan will be OSI’s roadmap for going forward—the framework for translating the recommendations of OSI participants into effective and sustainable action to improve global scholarly communication (a proposed action plan is described in the OSI2017 final report, which is the starting point for consideration). 

The OSI summit meeting will be followed by several other OSI meetings later in 2018 and 2019, beginning with a Brazil regional meeting in mid-2018 and possibly a China meeting in late 2018. More details will be released soon. The purpose of these meetings will be to explore issues and solutions specific to certain parts of the world and also issues and solutions regarding specific scholarly communication issues such as peer review, institutional repositories, publishing incentives and the culture of communication in academia.