Working together to improve global access to research

Overview of OSI2018


The OSI steering committee and summit group are designing meeting plans for 2018 and 2019. As OSI’s focus shifts from discussion to action, these groups are currently leaning toward meeting in March (in lieu of a full group meeting) to have a focused conversation about how OSI will build on work from the first two full-group conferences and create the group’s action framework for going forward—the framework for translating the recommendations of OSI participants into effective and sustainable action to improve open (a proposed action plan is described in the OSI2017 final report, which is the starting point for consideration). This is an important juncture in OSI’s history, and largely uncharted territory lies ahead. The date and location of this meeting will likely be March 14th (or possibly March 13-14) at American University in Washington DC.

This meeting may be followed by several companion meetings later in 2018 and 2019. Several possible such meetings are being explored at the moment, including in China, Brazil, Senegal and France. The purpose of these meetings would be to explore issues and solutions specific to certain parts of the world and also issues and solutions regarding specific scholarly communication issues such as peer review, institutional repositories, publishing incentives and the culture of communication in academia.

In preparing for the March meeting, OSI participants and summit group members will focus on the following over the next few months:

  1. Developing and clearly articulating the goals and outcomes for a summit meeting, as well as for OSI over the next few years. Now that we’ve broken the ground on this effort, the opportunities for impact are being becoming much clearer than a year ago when we were still speaking in generalities about being able to accelerate discovery and bring people together in common cause (which is all still true, but now we can start to get specific).
  2. Exploring local/regional/interest-specific meeting options and getting these on the calendar for 2018 and 2019.
  3. Planning for OSI2019
  4. Continuing with long-term fundraising efforts
  5. Building out the RScomm website—which will be the centerpiece of our “culture of communication in academia” reform program. As part of this buildout, we will continue to grow and seed the new RScomm list with topics designed to generate discussion that will engage people who haven’t been part of the OSI discussions before.
  6. Discussing the key issues we need to address concerning the organizational status of OSI
  7. Getting OSI’s newly-launched Slack workgroups moving by designating workgroup chairs and outlining expectations for what we hope these can accomplish over the next six months.