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Report from the Patent Lit Workgroup


Published by Mason Publishing, online at Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings, Volume 2, 2017. doi: ©2017 OSI2017 Open IP Workgroup. This open access article is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Abstract / OSI2017 Workgroup Question

As a new issue for OSI2017, this workgroup (originally designated as the Patent Literature workgroup) will look at patent literature, research reports, databases and other published information. OSI by design has a university-centric and journal-centric bias to the perspectives being considered. Patent literature, research reports, and databases are also important sources of research information—more so than journals in some disciplines (although these still reference journal articles). As with journal articles, this information isn’t always free or easy to find and is suffering from some of the same usability issues as journal articles.



Joann Delenick, Donald Guy, Laurel Haak, Patrick Herron, Joyce Ogburn, Crispin Taylor. This document reflects the combined input of these authors (listed here in alphabetical order by last name) as well as contributions from other OSI2017 delegates. The findings and recommendations expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual authors, nor of their agencies, trustees, officers, or staff