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Report from the Global Flip Workgroup


Published by Mason Publishing, online at Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings, Volume 2, 2017. doi: ©2017 OSI2017 Global Flip Workgroup. This open access article is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Abstract / OSI2017 Workgroup Question

In their report, delegates of the Who Decides? workgroup of the OSI2016 conference put forth three proposals in which key stakeholders might convene to enact an economically viable and sustainable transformation of the current scholarly communications system to one of open access. The “Global Flip” workgroup of OSI2017 discussed the previous year’s “Proposal 3: Transformation: a “global flip” of research journals to open access” in which “libraries, publishers, and funders, convened by an organization with global standing, come together to redirect subscription funding toward transforming existing journals to open access publication.”  Tasked with creating broad action plans for further research into the feasibility and impact of such a transformation, we identify a number of driving forces in the envisioned transformation, which could be further developed to assure its ultimate success as well as possible barriers to its desired fruition and suggested actions to remove them.



Eric Archambault, Colleen Campbell, Lorcan Dempsey, Roy Kaufman, Kamran Naim, Ralf Schimmer, Wim Van der Stelt, Caroline Sutton, Megan Wacha. This document reflects the combined input of these authors (listed here in alphabetical order by last name) as well as contributions from other OSI2017 delegates. The findings and recommendations expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual authors, nor of their agencies, trustees, officers, or staff