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Funding Models


Report from the Funding Models Workgroup


Published by Mason Publishing, online at Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings, Volume 2, 2017. doi: ©2017 OSI2017 Funding Models Workgroup. This open access article is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Abstract / OSI2017 Workgroup Question

Following up on a proposal from OSI2016, this workgroup will identify and/or design new funding models for open scholarship, such as a venture fund that can allow more support for joint efforts, or propose ways to improve existing funding by improving the flexibility of library budgets (e.g. by examining the efficiency of “big deals”). After reviewing the challenges with funding open access, the group focused on the second part of the question to propose new ways to improve existing funding opportunities by finding flexibility in library budgets.



Kris Bishop, Carrie Calder, Karla Cosgriff, Celeste Feather, Alex Kohls, Nick Lindsay, Christine Stamison. This document reflects the combined input of these authors (listed here in alphabetical order by last name) as well as contributions from other OSI2017 delegates. The findings and recommendations expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual authors, nor of their agencies, trustees, officers, or staff