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Report from the Summit Group


Published by Mason Publishing, online at Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings, Volume 2, 2017. doi: ©2017 OSI2017 Summit Group. This open access article is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


During the open discussion on Thursday morning there was consensus among the delegates that the formal governance structure proposed was premature. This eliminated the need for the summit group, at least for the time being. Several of those who had been elected (or volunteered) in our stakeholder sessions met on Thursday morning anyway as an initial informal advisory group. While we did not represent all the stakeholders, we touched on process issues that we think might have broad agreement among many of the delegates.



Carrie Calder, William Gunn, Alexander Kohls, Joyce L. Ogburn, T. Scott Plutchak, Megan Wacha. This document reflects the combined input of these authors (listed here in alphabetical order by last name) as well as contributions from other OSI2017 delegates. The findings and recommendations expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual authors, nor of their agencies, trustees, officers, or staff