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    • FW: Call for participants: "Move It Forward" OA transitions workshop for publishers April 23, 2018
      Is anyone affiliated with OSI applying to participate in this workshop? Claudia Holland From: LibLicense-L Discussion Forum [mailto:LIBLIC...@LISTSERV.CRL.EDU] On Behalf Of LIBLICENSE Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2018 11:23 AM To: LIBLIC...@LISTSERV.CRL.EDU Subject: Re: Call for participants:
    • OSI Issue Briefs April 20, 2018
      At the OSI Summit meeting in DC last month the group discussed developing a series of “Issue Briefs” — short papers that would distill some of what we’ve learned from the OSI conferences and discussions so far, designed to spur further work. We’ve now put together a “Prospectus” for the series
    • The growing creativity of predators: Angela Cochran on acceptance forgeries April 18, 2018
      The problem of predatory and deceptive practices in publishing continues to grow and diversify. In an excellent Scholarly Kitchen posting today, our fellow OSIer Angela Cochran discusses the problem of forged acceptance letters. Prepare to be creeped out:
    • RE: What is the OA2020 Initiative really all about? April 17, 2018
      There are a number of things that puzzle me about this statement, but I will point to just one of them. A link to it has been posted on my blog and flagged as feedback on a recent interview I did with UC Berkeley’s University Librarian Jeff MacKie-Mason: That
    • RE: What is the OA2020 Initiative really all about? April 17, 2018
      (Also posted on SCHOLCOMM) Last week's issue of my (subscription!) newsletter looks at OA2020. I have made it OA here: Comments welcome. A fascinating effort. David David Wojick, Ph.D.
    • Re: What is the OA2020 Initiative really all about? April 17, 2018
      I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Colleen was a superb guest on the Future Trends Forum recently, explaining 2020 for a diverse audience: On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 1:13 PM, Glenn Hampson wrote: > Thank you Colleen, > > > > Can I bug
    • RE: What is the OA2020 Initiative really all about? April 17, 2018
      Thank you Colleen, Can I bug you with a couple of follow-up questions? No rush---thank you for taking a swing at these: 1. If I’m hearing you correctly, OA2020 is about converting subscription resources to OA resources, correct? Different approaches are embraced, but the main
    • What is the OA2020 Initiative really all about? April 17, 2018
      Colleagues, as Richard and Glenn have asked me to share more information about the goals of the Open Access 2020 Initiative, I am pleased to offer the following. Why is an approach that focuses on revenue flows and economic forces necessary within the OA movement? While the MPDL White Paper
    • Re: segmenting in science April 17, 2018
      The general idea is something like cognitive access. The overall point is that physical access needs to be coupled with cognitive access if open science is to be truly beneficial. OSI can at least make this point without going into specifics. The specifics are indeed complex and manifold because
    • Re: segmenting in science April 17, 2018
      There are indeed several points, Anthony, many in fact, and we have touched on a number of them. The diffusion of scientific knowledge is a complex process, even within the scientific community. Much of this is driven by the great differences in what different people either know or need to know.

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