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    • Re: On p-hacking October 19, 2017
      Here’s another take on this, appeared today: A statistical fix for the replication crisis in sc Many scientific studies aren’t holding up in further tests. Author 1. Valen E. Johnson University Distinguished Professor and Department Head of Statistics, Texas A&M University
    • RE: On p-hacking October 19, 2017
      Thanks Steve, Jack (and cc’ing RScomm on my reply), There are some interesting articles in this thread Steve---thanks. There also seems to be some conflation here between replicability and retraction—kind of apples and oranges (just because a study isn’t replicable doesn’t mean in gets
    • On p-hacking October 19, 2017
      Hi Glenn - it is not just the social sciences, but they are getting the most attention because they are taking it head on (like the folks heading up the Center for Open Science). Below is a thread from the SciSIP listserv where the broader topic of retractions was being discussed. There are
    • Re: p-hacking October 19, 2017
      While it varies among disciplines, this is a widespread concern that is getting increasing attention. Justifiably, too, IMHO. Jack Schultz From: on behalf of Glenn Hampson Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 7:50 PM To: "rsc...@googl
    • p-hacking October 18, 2017
      In case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s a fantastic article from today’s New York Times about replicability and p-hacking in psychology--- The article covers a lot of ground about the history of this issue. It’s very readable but long---you’ll need to set aside 30
    • Re: OSI regional meeting October 18, 2017
      Thank you Bhanu for the initiative, Regards Daisy Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. -------- Original message -------- From: Ben Date: 2017/10/14 23:54 (GMT+08:00) To: Glenn Hampson Cc: ""
    • RE: more faculty OA activity October 17, 2017
      Hi all, The Science article didn’t originally carry our statement, and so for convenience here it is: Elsevier respects the decisions of the editors to consider stepping down if an agreement with HRK isn’t reached. We would like to express appreciation to each of them for their collaborat
    • more faculty OA activity October 17, 2017
      Forgive me if we covered this already: Five leading German scientists have resigned from their editorial positions at journals published by Elsevier, the latest step in a battle over
    • job posting October 16, 2017
      Hi Folks, Apparently, ARL is searching for a new executive director. There are at least a half-dozen people on this list who I think would make fantastic candidates. Here’s the link in case you didn’t know about this opening and are interested in applying: https://kfopportunities.loop.job
    • Announcing the RScomm list October 16, 2017
      Please feel free to forward this email to interested colleagues and other relevant lists ------------------------------ Dear Colleagues, The Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI) and Science Communication Institute (SCI) are pleased to announce a new email discussion list for diving into a

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