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    • Of Publishers and Plumbers July 16, 2018
      Joe Esposito has a nice article in today’s Scholarly Kitchen: In it, Joe argues that the reason universities and scholarly societies haven’t taken control of publishing is that they’ve never really had total control---there are lots of moving parts and “ceding control” to
    • FW: [SCHOLCOMM] Show your scientometrics expertise - Apply to join the Metrics Toolkit editorial board today July 11, 2018
      From: On Behalf Of Stacy Konkiel Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 9:05 AM To: scholcomm post ; A bibliometrics discussion list for the Library and Research Community ;
    • Re: Right to information July 10, 2018
      One can also argue that only artistic writing needs to be owned and thus protected. This is why I like John Willinsky's idea that copyrighting research reports is a colossal historic blunder. David At 12:52 PM 7/10/2018, David Wojick wrote: Unfortunately this prescription is hopelessly vague
    • RE: Right to information July 10, 2018
      Thanks Donna---brilliant stuff. And congrats Jason---wow! We should definitely all pitch in and see what we can do to help with this project. Donna---with regard to the Lyon Declaration and echoing what David said but a little softer, how can we identify more specifically what types of
    • Re: Right to information July 10, 2018
      Unfortunately this prescription is hopelessly vague when it comes to actual policy: "The Lyon Declaration is an advocacy document signed by more than 600 organisations, calling upon United Nations Member States to make an international commitment on ensuring that everyone has access to, and is
    • Right to information July 10, 2018
      Dear Colleagues, Perhaps looking at this as an issue of access to information may help this converation move forward. The library community on this list may find this approach very familiar.The person who brought up the sustainable development goals was in my humble opinion on target. Take a
    • Announcing $850k grant from Arcadia Fund to build new scholarly search engine for public. July 10, 2018
      Hi all, Thought y'all might be interested in this new project we're doing at Impactstory, partnering with the British Library and the Internet Archive. This scholarly search engine will be a little different than the (many) already out there. It's aimed at a nonspecialist audience: citizen
    • Re: moral foundations July 10, 2018
      A very interesting discussion, thanks for all the enlightening links shared already. In terms of the take on this in the EU, I am not aware of a widespread view amongst policymakers or elsewhere that access to the scholarly literature represents, or should represent, a fundamental right. See for
    • Re: moral foundations July 9, 2018
      I agree completely. But arguing that everyone in the world has a moral right to read every journal article is a big push. I fail to see the foundation. David At 06:11 PM 7/9/2018, Eric L Olson wrote: "Arguing that people have a right to that which they presently do not have is not a […]
    • RE: moral foundations July 9, 2018
      Oh my---you’ve just been disinvited from Independence Day parties on many continents David! Anyway… To recap, the reason all this matters here is that many in the open advocacy community rely on the argument (or assertion anyway) that open is a right, and is morally right. To the extent

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