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    • GDPR May 25, 2018
      Hi Everyone, As you know, GDPR begins today. Recognizing that many of you are concerned about how these new Internet privacy regulations will affect your businesses, I wanted to remind everyone of the basics of your OSI-related data: 1. YOUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP: If you are receiving
    • Fw: DuraSpace CEO to join ASU May 25, 2018
      I thought some might be interested in this. If you're not familiar with DurSpace, here is a link ( Best, Steve -------- Stephen M. Fiore, Ph.D. Professor, Cognitive Sciences, Department of Philosophy Director, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Institute for
    • FW: [SPARC] Good News: EPA Grants Extension on "Secret Science" Rule May 24, 2018
      Hi Folks, We heard this was coming (see below) so didn’t push for a rapid conclusion to our EPA letter or letter-writing process. This said, figuring out the process remains a priority. Best, Glenn Glenn Hampson Executive Director Science Communication Institute (SCI) Program
    • My first comment on EPA's proposed transparency regulation May 22, 2018
      For those who might be interested. Note that while this is a US action it is potentially a precedent for other Governments, so it deserves some international attention. In particular, at the end I begin to discuss the actual open science procedures needed for implementation. Below is that
    • Organization to possibly help increase OSI's Global South representation May 21, 2018
      We've discussed how to increase representation in the Global South, including the diversity of countries and voices that represents. The organization Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network appears to be an organization that could increase that voice within OSI, if they're willing.
    • Re: New version of EPA letter May 18, 2018
      This is in fact a common practice with scholarly societies. The ED does not speak for all of the members. David On May 18, 2018, at 4:30 PM, "Glenn Hampson" wrote: Here’s a suggestion from one OSIer (name withheld for now). I’m rushing this out to you anonymously
    • RE: New version of EPA letter May 18, 2018
      Here’s a suggestion from one OSIer (name withheld for now). I’m rushing this out to you anonymously because it’s almost closing time back East and I want to get this into your thinking caps before the weekend. This person’s suggestion is that I should write this letter as the ED of OSI, but not
    • Re: New version of EPA letter May 18, 2018
      As of now there are just about 200 substantive comments. There are over 40,000 overall but EDF and some others often run duplicate email campaigns on EPA proposals. I once saw EDF generate 500,000 email comments. These are not separately
    • Re: New version of EPA letter May 18, 2018
      I think it should be short and to the point. A letter this long probably won't be read. My 2 cents from writing letters of this kind and legislators. Of course this is the EPA.... Joyce Joyce L. Ogburn Appalachian State University 218 College Street Boone NC 28608-2026 Lifelong learning
    • New version of EPA letter May 18, 2018
      Hi Everyone, It’s difficult to divine exactly what to changes to make to this letter, but what I’m hearing from you is to try to be more apolitical, respectful, helpful, inclusive, and non-committal (as in recommending a specific course of action or committing OSI to a particular viewpoint).

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