The Open Scholarship Initiative
350 high-level leaders
20 stakeholder groups
200+ institutions, 12 countries
10-year UN commitment
Diverse sponsor group
Strong delegate reviews
Focus on specific questions
Focus on finding solutions
Balanced representation
New ideas and perspectives
Papers and studies published
Real results sought
New connections
New partnerships
New opportunities

What is OSI?

OSI is a global collaborative effort between all major stakeholders in scholarly publishing to improve the future of how research information gets published, shared and accessed. The foundation of this effort is a 10-year series of annual meetings where high-level stakeholder representatives work together to solve important issues. Collaboration outside these meetings will also occur.

Why now?

How do we best manage the explosive growth of knowledge in society today? In scholarly research, our stakeholder community’s approaches to this challenge have not been unified, and the result has been a persistence (and even widening) of access gaps and issues, with adverse impacts on global economic development, education, discovery and effective public policy. The time to act together is now.

How to help

Help sponsor this effort, volunteer to help research important questions, use your influence to convince key stakeholders to participate, and help evangelize the work being done by this group. See the “About OSI” section for more details. Scholarly publishing is a well-established, global system and it will take a global, unified, well-reasoned effort to bring about needed reforms.


Our Global Community

OSI is a United Nations-backed partnership between research universities, publishers, government agencies, and 17 other key stakeholder groups in scholarly communication from around the world. Over 350 senior leaders from 23 countries and 250 institutions are currently part of this effort. While we look forward to engaging with the new US administration on improving research and research communication, OSI supports the concerns expressed by many of our partners and colleagues regarding the administration’s new travel and immigration policies. Over the coming months OSI planners will be considering measures to ensure our work is not compromised by these policies, including but not limited to possibly moving future OSI meetings to non-US locations.

Initiative Partners

2017 Host

George Washington University
2121 Eye Street NW, Washington, DC USA 20052

2017 Program

OSI2017 runs 2.5 days, April 18-21, 2017, in Washington DC.
Day 1
18 Apr 2017
Day 2
19 Apr 2017
Day 3
20 Apr 2017
Day 4
21 Apr 2017

Opening night reception & registration

This is an optional and unstructured get-together at the One Washington Circle Hotel. A buffet dinner will be provided in a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting. Delegates can pick up their registration...
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Welcoming ceremony & registration

Join us for the kickoff of OSI2017. During this morning event, keynote speakers will briefly welcome this year’s delegates, and a few administrative announcements will be made before everyone gets...
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Workgroup session 1

Delegates will split off into their workgroups from 10:30-noon.


A catered lunch in the Grand Ballroom of GWU’s Marvin Center will be provided for delegates from 12:00-1:30.

Workgroup session 2

Delegates will meet for a second time with their designated workgroups


Stakeholder session 1

Stakeholder groups have an opportunity in this session to meet and discuss what they can do to help OSI. Elected OSI representatives should come out of these meetings with a...
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Adjourn day 1

Plenary 1

This is the first of two full-group meetings. Delegates will report out on workgroup and stakeholder session progress (as warranted) and raise topics for full group consideration. Coffee and breakfast...
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OSI Representative Forum 1

Elected OSI representatives will meet to discuss what concrete actions can be taken across stakeholder groups. This forum overlaps with ongoing workgroup meetings.

Workgroup session 3

Overlaps with OSI representative forum


A catered lunch will be provided for delegates in the GWU Marvin Center Grand Ballroom from 12-1:30 p.m.


Open format

In this final group meeting session, delegates will decide which activity to pursue. Choices include stakeholder group meetings, workgroup sessions, open (spectator) sessions with the OSI representative group, full-group conversations,...
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Adjourn day 2

Final presentations & breakfast

Please join us for the final morning of OSI2017 to hear presentations from workgroups, stakeholder groups, and the OSI2017 representative plenary group. Presentations will start shortly after the start of...
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Plenary 2

OSI delegates will discuss takeaways,, debate key issues, and chart the course for 2017 and beyond. This is moderated open mic session that may continue into lunch. Delegates are free...
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Adjourn day 3


This group lunch for delegates is optional—many will begin heading to the airports asap (buses will be standing by in front of the One Washington Circle Hotel for delegates heading...
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