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What is OSI?

OSI is a global collaborative effort between all major stakeholders in scholarly publishing to improve the future of how research information gets published, shared and accessed. The foundation of this effort is a 10-year series of annual meetings where high-level stakeholder representatives work together to solve important issues. Extensive work and collaboration outside these meetings also occurs.

Why now?

How do we best manage the explosive growth of knowledge in society today? In scholarly research, our stakeholder community’s approaches to this challenge have not been unified, and the result has been a persistence (and even widening) of access gaps and approaches, with adverse impacts on global economic development, education, discovery and effective public policy. The time to act together is now.


The goal of OSI is to build a sustainable, robust framework for direct communication and cooperation among nations, universities, researchers, publishers, libraries, funders, policy makers, scientific societies and other stakeholder groups in order to find common understanding and workable solutions and build the future of scholarly communication together.

Fast Facts

OSI includes 390 high-level participants (as of mid-2017) from 250+ institutions, 18 stakeholder groups, and 24 countries. Funding during 2016-17 has come from 14 different sponsors and totals approximately $303,000 to-date. OSI was launched in late 2014 by the Science Communication Institute, which oversees this effort with guidance from OSI participants (via OSI’s governance rules).

Our Global Community

OSI is a United Nations-backed partnership between research universities, publishers, government agencies, and 15 other key stakeholder groups in scholarly communication from around the world. Over 380 senior leaders from 24 countries and 250 institutions are currently part of this effort. To-date, OSI meetings have been held only in the US. Beginning in 2018, OSI meetings will also be held around the world. 2018 meeting locations currently under consideration include China, Brazil, Senegal and France.

Initiative Partners & Hosts

2018 Summit Host

American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC USA 20016

2018 Summit Meeting

Runs 1.5 days, March 13-14, 2018, in Washington DC.
Day 1
12 Mar 2018
Day 2
13 Mar 2018
Day 3
14 Mar 2018

Opening night dinner


Coffee break


Adjourn day 1


Coffee break


Adjourn day 2

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